“Meet ‘em where they’re at and stretch ‘em.”

Batting Lessons Monmouth County
 The student is the program. The goal is to meet each player at their individual level and stretch their abilities. Whether it be hitting or pitching, our family of instructors will share their knowledge in the setting of a half hour work out.

Getting ON The Schedule
Our 1/2 hour lessons are $60/lesson and are self-scheduled either via the menu below or the Condon's Baseball mobile app. Lessons may be self-scheduled up until 12noon the day of a lesson subject to schedule availability. Please see the FAQ's to the right for additional information about our process.

Getting OFF The Schedule
Please log in to your profile via the web or our app and self-cancel before 9AM the day of the lesson to avoid the system billing your card.

Private Lesson FAQ's
Q. Why online booking now when for years it's never been an option?
A. Simply put, we want to create a better experience for our clients. Too often, families are in a holding pattern waiting for one of us to respond. We simply do not want to hold our families captive to schedule a lesson.  

Q. Why am I required to store my credit card on file?
A. We expect it to be more convenient for our clients to pay for services as well as fair for instructors to insure against a late cancellation.

Q. When and how will my credit card be charged?
A.  All completed lessons will be checked out on the day of service. If you prefer to pay for a completed lesson with cash or check, you may still do that and your card will not be charged. If you prefer to pay for a completed lesson with your credit card, it will be charged that evening. A lesson canceled after 9AM on the scheduled date will be considered a completed lesson and your credit card will be charged.
Q. I don't see an available time that works for me.  What do I do?
A. Please add your name to our wait list. We actively use that to try to do a great job for our clients and will contact you as soon as possible.
Q. I have two (or more) children who want to schedule lessons. Do they need separate profiles?
A. Yes.  One client, one complete profile please.