On the field Mondays (50/70 & 60/90).
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So often, fans say a player has “great baseball instincts”. We say that is nonsense. Rather, we choose not to underestimate what our players are capable of. The mental side of the game separates players as the game evolves from checkers to chess. We teach these instincts.

Beyond the small field. (click/tap to expand)
If you aspire to play this game for a long time, the moment comes quickly when all the players can run, catch, hit, and throw. In our fall camp, we certainly work with our players on their physical strengths and weaknesses. However, beyond the small field, the mental rules and reads have a greater impact on who ultimately wins the game.

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Our sessions pair a professional pre-game work out with a simulated game. Baserunners work their live reads while hitters are executing their many situational swings. Infielders receive a mix of coach-hit and live ground ball repetitions. We conclude the work out with a simulated game where our athletes are accountable and responsible for what they have learned. It’s the practice everyone wants.

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60/90 Camp: Players competing on the 60/90 diamond.

50/70 Camp: This camp is for players at any level of 50/70 play.  Whether it's first year 50/70 guys or experienced players preparing for competitive leagues or destination tournaments, we have witnessed tremendous growth and learning.

NOTE: Enrollment in the 60/90 and 50/70 camp segments is small by design to create a quality work out.

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